XenForo Theme: Aurora

I have been looking for some time for a good forum solution and I got hooked by XenForo (http://www.xenforo.com). Actually hooked will be an understatement since after 1 week of experimentation I made the decision to create a theme for one of my website projects. So long story short after a number of weeks I ended up with a theme, which I call Aurora and which you can see from the links bellow (and download @ the bottom of this post):

  1. Demo:

    1. Aurora
    2. Aurora Fluid (child theme of Aurora)
    3. Aurora Blue (child theme of Aurora)
    4. Aurora Blue Fluid (child theme of Aurora Blue)
    5. Aurora Green (child theme of Aurora)
    6. Aurora Green Fluid (child theme of Aurora Green)
    7. Aurora Gray (child theme of Aurora)
    8. Aurora Gray Fluid (child theme of Aurora Gray)
    9. Aurora Yellow (child theme of Aurora)
    10. Aurora Yellow Fluid (child theme of Aurora Yellow)

Production Site Demo: Audiera.com


  1. Xenforo 1.2.1

Usage Rights & Conditions:

  1. You can use the theme without restriction on any number of sites. The more the better!
  2. You can change/edit/modify the theme (images/CSS/templetes etc.) so it fits your site(s)/need(s) … BUT you must NOT remove the branding/credits link (located on the bottom left corner – ‘Aurora theme by Akrion.’ unless you have purchased the branding removal option. For any modifications done by you you can credit yourself and display it on the theme as long as the branding/credits link mentioned above is NOT modified.
  3. If you contribute to making this theme better (by adding something that adds value/functionality to it) I will offer a branding-free license right away as well as credit your work etc.

I would like to forbid/prevent/stop the following:

  1. People distributing this theme without my knowledge and written permission. By that I mean you CANT NOT post this theme to other XenForo fan/mod/addon/etc related site(s).
  2. People removing the branding/credits link without the purchase of the branding-free license. I spend quite some time on this theme and … you get the idea. The cost of a branding free license is located bellow next to the the PayPal “Buy Now” button.
  3. People who like this theme converting it to other platforms etc. without my knowledge and written permission.

Branding-Free License: $30.00

For those who would like to remove the “Aurora theme by Akrion” link located on the bottom left corner I offer a branding-free license which can be purchased by clicking on the PayPal button bellow.

Please note that 1 branding-free licence is valid for 1 site/XenForo installation only!

Please note that purchasing this option does not add any support or extra privileges. I would be glad to assist as much as possible with issues related to the theme but please do not assume this is a “contract” type thing.


Installation instructions file is included as part of the archive bellow. File name is INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS.txt. You can also download this file by clicking on the button “Aurora Theme Install Instructions” bellow.


Aurora Theme Aurora Theme PSDs Aurora Theme Install Instructions

Born in a small country in the Balkans called Bulgaria (commonly mistaken by the geographically inclined westerners as Siberia), @krion spend most of his childhood being deceived that his existence mattered and that he can change the world one school year at a time.

29 Responses to “XenForo Theme: Aurora”

  1. Israel Kendall Reply

    Just wanted to say thanks for making this available for free, and for all the work. I see you’re already updated for Xenforo 1.1, which is great! I’ve been searching all over for Xenforo skins and some paid skins are still not updated for 1.1. Downloading now!

  2. Peter Reply

    Hey, thanks for sharing this. I have one question, how to remove in the header the text that says “Welcome to aurora.com! Log in or Sign up to interact with the aurora community.”.

    I can’t find it anywhere.

    Also a thing you want to correct, this is, but the footer says


  3. Woodward82 Reply

    Love the theme, i ran across this over at the xenforo site. I noticed this blog says its updated to the ver, but in my admin panel says there are templates that may be outdated. Is this download different than the one on the xenforo forums? Also how do i get the notices to work like you have on the demo?


  4. Ali Reply

    Thanks for sharing your style.
    I love this theme.

    Thanks ! Good Job ! :D

  5. Klaudius Reply

    Hi, thanks for this fantastic theme!
    I have a problem, if I change the page size to 1100px the beardcrumb remains at the standard size, how can I fix it?

    • akrion Reply

      Hi, Thanks for your interest. Theme update to was posted yesterday.

    • akrion Reply

      I promised it 2 weeks ago … quite a few things got on my way and I am hoping by end of the upcoming Monday to have it out.

      Sorry for the delay.

  6. Wei Reply

    Awesome theme. I have one question, is it possible to remove the blank space at the profile page and have it the same way as with the default theme? Here’s a screen shot –> http://i.imgur.com/d2jtA9B.png I can’t figure it out.

  7. akrion Reply

    1.2.1 update posted! You can download it either by clicking the link or by going to the XenForo community site and get it from the resources section.

  8. Sergeew Reply

    I upload all the types of Aurora them but all the fluid modes looks in red. Fluid Blue, Fluid Green – It is Fluid but color of all of them are red. Maybe I did something wrong?

    Got the latest version of XenForo/

  9. can ho parcspring Reply

    I like your post and I am truly happy to post my comment on your website. Very informative and helpful post. You have good command on the topic and have explained in a very nice way. Thanks for sharing.

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