Visual Studio 2012 / VS2012 Dark Theme (Custom Theme)

I never understood the big deal about customizing the colors of your IDE and I particularly never understood the black and white craze … until recently :)
I installed the Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor form the Tools / Extensions and Updates …


and realized that the Dark theme (which came with the extension) instantly helped me see better and was much easier on the eyes (I always though that argument was BS … ignorance is a bliss right …).
At the same time I was experimenting with Sublime Text 2 and after switching to its Sunburst theme I realized that VS 2012 needed an even darker theme for me to call it “home”.

So here are few screens of how the final theme (Dark_Akrion) looks like:



Fell free to downloadDark_Akrion

How to Install?

Step 1: Download the theme from the link above
Step 2: Download the Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor (as shown on the first image in the article)
Step 3: Go to Tools / Customize Colors:


Step 4
: Click on Import Theme:


Step 5: Enjoy :)

Born in a small country in the Balkans called Bulgaria (commonly mistaken by the geographically inclined westerners as Siberia), @krion spend most of his childhood being deceived that his existence mattered and that he can change the world one school year at a time.

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  1. Jim Reply

    In your signature, I don’t think you mean “geographically inclined.” Someone who is geographically inclined would probably *not* mistake Bulgaria for Siberia ; )

  2. lee Reply

    OMG, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Been trying to figure out what colors to hit. Couldn’t find the text background color.

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