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Resume Template & Guidelines

One of the very few things that seem to remain constant in today’s extremely dynamic IT industry is the demand for a well written and structured resume.

In general the rules for a professional with under 4 years of experience are quite simple: Keep it short, to the point and in no more than 2 pages. Also… try not to exaggerate as much you would like.

For over 4 years, the rules change. Positions considered now fall under the mid-level bracket and therefore the requirements, expectations and the resume pages grow to no more than 3. For the senior bracket the page number is now 4.

The bellow guidelines would work for any level of experience but overall are recommended for mid to senior level professionals in the IT industry.

Sections that are present in this format (Click on the section title to view details):



Full name, address, cell phone, email, web site (in any) and certification image (in any).

Qualification Profile

Section with the so called “elevator pitch”, which briefly explains why someone should even be interested in your personality and professional expertise. Here is the place to be original, since it is usually the first section of the resume that is almost always read.

Specific Technologies & Concepts

Section with a list of all the technologies, frameworks etc. with which you have extensive experience.

Qualification Highlights

Section broken down on sub sections each covering (in high level) critical for the position that you are applying terms, concepts and principles.

Specific Accomplishments

Brief explanation of the things that you are most proud of and you consider significant accomplishments in your professional career.

Employment History

Section showing in few lines the educational institutions that you have graduated from.


Section showing in few lines the educational institutions that you have graduated from.


Section highlighting the most important and current certifications you have obtained.


Section which usually contains one sentence “Available upon request”.


Click on the button to download the template with all of the above sections:    Download Template

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