Akrion Poetry

Love Defines You

I think it’s actually absurd
It simply makes no sense
For love to be one word
And its meaning so immense

I think it’s kind of silly
It makes no basic sense
For you to think that really
Love has past or future tense

I think it makes you wonder
It fills you up with fear
That love is just like thunder
Which you can’t see or hear

I always thought it’s funny
And even now it’s out of sense
To think without the money
Love’s just a big expense

You see …

In love you are a hero
Sometimes more but never less
In life you start at zero
As a pawn in game of chess

In love you have no goal
No boundary or restraints
In life there is a toll
When crossing its constraints

In love there is no school
No religion and no God
In life the ones who rule
Are the masters of the fraud

So as we end my dear friend
Living, breathing in a strife
One last thing I will append

Love defines you in your life

Akrion (1/25/2013)

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Born in a small country in the Balkans called Bulgaria (commonly mistaken by the geographically inclined westerners as Siberia), @krion spend most of his childhood being deceived that his existence mattered and that he can change the world one school year at a time.

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